Sig Ruman

Sig Ruman


Wonderfully talented German-born actor, capable of tremendous comedic and dramatic performances, usually as some type of pompous bureaucrat or similarly arrogant individual. Ruman was born on October 11, 1884, in Hamburg, Germany, and actually studied electrotechnology in college before making the switch to acting. He served with the Imperial German Forces in World War I before coming to the United States in 1924. He became friendly with playwright George S. Kaufman and critic Alexander Woollcott and was regularly appearing in high-quality stage productions on Broadway.
  • When was
    Sig Ruman born?

    Sig Ruman was born on Saturday, October 11, 1884

  • Where was
    Sig Ruman born?

    Sig Ruman was born in Hamburg, Germany

  • How old was
    Sig Ruman when they died?

    Sig Ruman was 82

  • When did Sig Ruman die?

    Sig Ruman died on
    Tuesday, February 14, 1967

  • How tall is Sig Ruman?

    Sig Ruman is 6'(1.83m)

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