Simona Milinyte - Simonna is Grammy-considered singer, actress, voiceover artist and media personality born in Eastern Europe. She is living in Los Angeles now. She had her radio show, national tour, 2 albums. Simonna's self titled perfume line is coming up. She has a lot of followers on social media. She was in the biggest music contest in Europe - Eurovision National election and in the National Final came 7th. Simona Milinyte also has finished New York Film Academy "Acting for film". Simonna has a big following in America and Europe. She also has a degree in Communications, which makes her unique in this industry because, she is willing and wanting to work so hard to put her project's name's out into the public of her hundreds of thousands of fans on twitter, Instagram and plenty more. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton, Seth Rogen follows her on twitter and Instagram. Simonna has also booked many new roles for the upcoming years, due to her commitment and dedication to her craft.
  • When was
    Simonna born?

    Simonna was born on Tuesday, December 12, 1995

  • Where was
    Simonna born?

    Simonna was born in Lithuania

  • How old is

    Simonna is 24

  • How tall is Simonna?

    Simonna is 5'3"(1.6m)

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