Skeet Ulrich

Skeet Ulrich


Gained notoriety in the 90s for his roles as Billy Loomis in the 1996 hit thriller Scream and Chris Hooker in The Craft. He also played recurring roles in TV's Jericho, Miracles, and Robot Chicken. In 2017, he began starring as FP Jones on The CW drama Riverdale.
  • When was
    Skeet Ulrich born?

    Skeet Ulrich was born on Tuesday, January 20, 1970

  • Where was
    Skeet Ulrich born?

    Skeet Ulrich was born in Lynchburg, VA

  • How old is
    Skeet Ulrich?

    Skeet Ulrich is 51

  • How much is Skeet Ulrich worth?

    Skeet Ulrich is worth $5 Million

Best Quotes

  • I would take William H. Macy as a teacher any day of the week. He's incredible. He's got a lot of hard-earned experience.
  • Ambiguity in directors is a hard thing to deal with.
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