Sunshine Hart

Sunshine Hart


Sunshine Hart was born Lucia Adams on July 6, 1886, in Vevay, Indiana. She would later claim that her father was a minister on an Indian reservation and that an Indian nurse gave her the nickname "Sunshine". After high school she started acting in stock companies and spent many years working vaudeville using the stage "Miss Sunshine". She married Charles W. Hart and in 1912 their daughter Leora was born. At the age of thirty Sunshine made her film debut in the 1916 comedy short A Scoundrel's Toll. She continued to work on the stage and appeared in several of Jack White's Mermaid comedies. By 1924 she had divorced her husband and moved to Los Angeles. Producer Mack Sennett gave Sunshine a part in his short film Scarem Much. She would go on to star in more than two dozen of Sennett's comedies including Crazy To Act, Hoboken To Hollywood, and Smith's Baby.
  • When was
    Sunshine Hart born?

    Sunshine Hart was born on Tuesday, July 6, 1886

  • Where was
    Sunshine Hart born?

    Sunshine Hart was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

  • How old was
    Sunshine Hart when they died?

    Sunshine Hart was 43

  • When did Sunshine Hart die?

    Sunshine Hart died on
    Friday, January 3, 1930

  • How tall is Sunshine Hart?

    Sunshine Hart is 5'6"(1.68m)

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