Tay Zonday

Tay Zonday


Singer who released the viral YouTube video "Chocolate Rain," which has garnered over 150 million views. His video was uploaded as a work in progress and took off after a British journalist remixed and uploaded his own version. His unexpected fame got him parodied on South Park, invited to late-night talk shows, and featured in a Dr. Pepper commercial. He was born Adam Nyerere Bahner in Minneapolis, Minnesotta. He has two older siblings. One of the first musicians to catch onto "Chocolat
  • When was
    Tay Zonday born?

    Tay Zonday was born on Tuesday, July 6, 1982

  • Where was
    Tay Zonday born?

    Tay Zonday was born in Minneapolis, MN

  • How old is
    Tay Zonday?

    Tay Zonday is 40

  • How much is Tay Zonday worth?

    Tay Zonday is worth $500 Thousand

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