Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin


Professor of animal science and advocate for better conditions for livestock. One of the first public figures to discuss her diagnosis with autism, she created the "hug box," a device to calm autistic children.  She was diagnosed with autism when she was two and went on to attain her doctorate degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is a best-selling author on the subject of animal welfare, and in 2010 she was listed in the Time 100 list of the 100 most influential people
  • When was
    Temple Grandin born?

    Temple Grandin was born on Friday, August 29, 1947

  • Where was
    Temple Grandin born?

    Temple Grandin was born in Boston, MA

  • How old is
    Temple Grandin?

    Temple Grandin is 75

  • How much is Temple Grandin worth?

    Temple Grandin is worth $1 Million

Best Quotes

  • Some autistic children cannot stand the sound of certain voices. I have come across cases where teachers tell me that certain children have problems with their voice or another person's voice. This problem tends to be related to high-pitched ladies' voices.
  • I thought I could fix everything with engineering.
  • I obtain great satisfaction out of using my intellect.
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