Thurlow Bergen

Thurlow Bergen


He was the son of a lawyer. Thurlow studied law in Washington D.C. and changed careers to become an actor. He had a successful touring company before heading to New York and Broadway. He appeared on Broadway with such actors as Florence Roberts, Percy Haswell, Mary Shaw, Lionel Barrymore, Milton Sills, Lionel Atwill and Charles Richman. In films from 1914 to 1920. After making his last silent film in 1920, he appeared primarily on the stage including some Broadway up to 1940.
  • When was
    Thurlow Bergen born?

    Thurlow Bergen was born on Thursday, January 14, 1875

  • Where was
    Thurlow Bergen born?

    Thurlow Bergen was born in Sagaw, Michigan, USA

  • How old was
    Thurlow Bergen when they died?

    Thurlow Bergen was 80

  • When did Thurlow Bergen die?

    Thurlow Bergen died on
    Saturday, May 1, 1954

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