Tom Zanetti

Tom Zanetti


Club promoter and DJ who started up a nightclub called Insomnia before working with Club Mission in Leeds, winner of the Leeds Best Night Club award. He also runs the events company called Sleepin is Cheatin. He attended Royds School but was expelled. He then went to Tinshall Learning Centre until he was 16 years old. He found out he would be a father during that age, so he dropped out and got a job at a warehouse. He invested in a tapas restaurant called La Fuego.  He was born in Leeds, E
  • When was
    Tom Zanetti born?

    Tom Zanetti was born on Sunday, July 2, 1989

  • Where was
    Tom Zanetti born?

    Tom Zanetti was born in Leeds, England

  • How old is
    Tom Zanetti?

    Tom Zanetti is 33

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