Victor of Aquitaine

Victor of Aquitaine


As a classically trained musician, he first began acting at a young age as Doris' musical brother in MGM's classic musical film, "Fame." And before he could legally drink, he was singing in New York clubs as Victor E. As a struggling New York musician, he was signed to Polygram for a 3-record dance music deal; none of the recordings were ever released. He subsequently wrote all the songs and played nearly all of the instruments on his first album, Victor E: The Meditations, (available on iTunes). It received airplay on indie stations nationwide, including KCRW's influential "Morning Becomes Eclectic." Including the song "Meditation No. 6 (Getting to Know You)," the Metropolis-meets-Roller Boogie fantasy concept music video was shot on location in Los Angeles and stayed on PowerPlay's Top 20 Videos chart for several weeks (Comcast/Cablevision stations). However, due to the financial demise of the music industry, he attempted a local return to acting. New York theater roles were a devastating low-point, from a sword-fighting Japanese warlord in the NYC Fringe Festival ("The plastic swords were wobbly") to an all-male naked production of Macbeth. ("More wobbly swords, pun intended.")
  • When was
    Victor of Aquitaine born?

    Victor of Aquitaine was born on Tuesday, October 8, 1968

  • How old is
    Victor of Aquitaine?

    Victor of Aquitaine is 55

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