Formerly known as FancySimmer, she is a YouTube gamer whose main focus is on creating Let's Plays, builds, create a Sims and update videos for the game The Sims. She has over 1 million subscribers.  She uploaded her first video titled "The Sims 3: Create A Sim | Christmas Inspired" on Christmas Eve in 2013.  She is also a huge fan of the game Final Fantasy X.  Her full name is Sasha Staggs and she is from Texas.  She and Christina Sarakas devote their respective YouTube channels to The S
  • When was
    Vixella born?

    Vixella was born on Tuesday, July 5, 1994

  • Where was
    Vixella born?

    Vixella was born in Texas

  • How old is

    Vixella is 29

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