Wanda Jackson

Wanda Jackson


First popular female rockabilly and rock 'n' roll singer who sang "Tears Will Be the Chaser for Your Wine" and "Fancy Satin Pillows." She attended Capitol Hill High School. She signed with Decca Records, who were willing to sign a woman
  • When was
    Wanda Jackson born?

    Wanda Jackson was born on Wednesday, October 20, 1937

  • Where was
    Wanda Jackson born?

    Wanda Jackson was born in Maud, OK

  • How old is
    Wanda Jackson?

    Wanda Jackson is 86

  • How much is Wanda Jackson worth?

    Wanda Jackson is worth $10 Million

Wanda Jackson's Offical SoundCloud Account

Best Quotes

  • There wasn't so many ISSUES like there are today. It was a simpler time.
  • And it wasn't until '84 when I was first asked to come to Sweden and do an album and concert tour.
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