William H. Burns


Born and raised in the "1970's predominantly Italian" Morris Park section of the North East Bronx in New York City, Bill graduated from Public School 108 (Kindergarten), St. Francis Xavier (1-8) and St. Raymond's High School For Boys and attended some college (Fordham /John Jay). After working as a Wild Animal Keeper at the Catskill Game Farm (now closed due to very poor management on the part of the Founder's daughter) and Office Manager for the late then Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn (when Baseball was still America's Past Time"), Bill followed in his Father's and Grandfather's footsteps and was sworn in as a New York City Housing Authority Police Officer in July of 1983 and spent three years on uniformed patrol in the housing projects of the South Bronx, Harlem and the Lower East Side. In 1986, with the emergence of the "crack" epidemic, he was assigned as an undercover narcotics officer on a re-assignment to the NYPD. On October 18, 1988 his teammate P.O.Christopher Hoban was mu
  • Where was
    William H. Burns born?

    William H. Burns was born in New York City, New York, USA

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