Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson


Country singer, activist, poet, songwriter, actor, and author who helped create Farm Aid. He has written many country hits, including "Funny How Time Slips Away" and "Hello Walls." He grew up during the Great Depression and played music
  • When was
    Willie Nelson born?

    Willie Nelson was born on Saturday, April 29, 1933

  • Where was
    Willie Nelson born?

    Willie Nelson was born in Abbott, TX

  • How old is
    Willie Nelson?

    Willie Nelson is 91

  • How much is Willie Nelson worth?

    Willie Nelson is worth $25 Million

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Best Quotes

  • My wife actually got worried about my drinking so much regular milk, you know, so she got me into rice milk and now soy milk, which I greatly enjoy. A soy mocha's a fine thing.
  • There are more serious problems in life than financial ones, and I've had a lot of those. I've been broke before, and will be again. Heartbroke That's serious. Lose a few bucks. That's not.
  • Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.
  • All I do is play music and golf - which one do you want me to give up?
  • We've seen how he cares about people, and he's had adversity in his life. Willie cares.
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