Yolanda Varela

Yolanda Varela


Yolanda Varela was born in Mexico on March, 30, 1930. She started in the business at a very young age. She studied ballet in the National Institute of the Performing Arts. She starred in many Mexican films and some Spanish/Mexican co-productions. She co-starred with: Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Daniel Gelin, Arturo de Cordova, Jorge Mistral, Resortes, Clavillazo, German Valdez Tintan, Manolo Fabregas, Ernesto Alonso, Pedro Vargas, Mauricio Garcez, Miguel Acevez Mejia, Joaquin Cordero, and many more Mexican celebrities. She met her husband while working for him on the movie "Lo que le Paso a Sanson", the film producer Fernando de Fuentes R.
  • When was
    Yolanda Varela born?

    Yolanda Varela was born on Sunday, March 30, 1930

  • Where was
    Yolanda Varela born?

    Yolanda Varela was born in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

  • How old was
    Yolanda Varela when they died?

    Yolanda Varela was 79

  • When did Yolanda Varela die?

    Yolanda Varela died on
    Saturday, August 29, 2009

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