Zoe Palmer

Zoe Palmer


Zoe Palmer, a star of stage and screen, who first began in popular stage productions from the mid 1910s. She starred in a few comedy and drama films, first under the direction of Charles Calvert with 'Walls of Prejudice' for the G-B Screencraft Film Company in 1920 starring Josephine Earle and Dallas Anderson followed by a number of Will O'Wisp comedies for the British Gaumont Film Company. She was last seen in a handful of forgotten talkies in 1932-33
  • When was
    Zoe Palmer born?

    Zoe Palmer was born on Saturday, August 29, 1903

  • Where was
    Zoe Palmer born?

    Zoe Palmer was born in Fulham, London, England, UK

  • How old was
    Zoe Palmer when they died?

    Zoe Palmer was 80

  • When did Zoe Palmer die?

    Zoe Palmer died on
    Sunday, March 13, 1983

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