Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy | Released: 1999-2004

The vampire Angel, cursed with a soul, moves to Los Angeles and aids people with supernatural-related problems while questing for his own redemption.

Stars of this Series

Angel Quotes

  • Angelus: I hate the French. We should go someplace like Romania.
    Darla: In Italy, you said we should go someplace like France.
    Angelus: At least in Romania, they really know how to treat a creature of the night.
  • Angelus: It's this man, Holtz. How does he keep finding us?
    Darla: Well, we stay in the best hotels, order room service, eat the waiters. People talk.
  • Gunn: (after Fred's invention launches an axe through the Durslar beast's head) So. Not a toaster.
  • Angel: They talk about me in the chatty rooms?
  • Angel: Gunn, these guys are tight, and you're gonna be trippin' out.
    Charles Gunn: Don't be usin' my own phrases when we've lost the trust.
  • Angel: Why'd they fire you?
    Judy: Because I'm not what I say I am. I've been passing since I was fifteen years old.
    Angel: Passing?
    Judy: For white. My mother was colored, my father - I didn't even know him. My blood isn't pure. It's tainted.
    Angel: It's just blood, Judy. It-it's all just blood.
    Judy: Nobody believes that! Not even my mother's family. I'm not one thing or the other. I am nothing.
    Angel: I know what that's like.
    Judy: Yes. Yes, I am. I am something. I'm a thief! I've never stolen anything before in my life, I swear it. It's just, God, the things that they called me.
    Angel: Fear makes people do stupid things.
    Judy: It was stupid. And I wish I'd never done it.
    Angel: I didn't mean you. I meant your former employers. They were afraid. That's why they fired you.
  • Gunn: Got it. The dark soul.
    Angel: What's it say?
    Gunn: A lot. There are over 3,200 different references. Four of them are about you.
    Angel: What? Give me that.
    Wes: This is getting us nowhere.
    Angel: Let me see this. Well, that's not fair. I didn't even have a soul when I did that.
  • Lana: I don't know about you girls but I wanna get the hell out of this town. Somewhere there's clean air where you can breathe. I don't know, maybe Tahiti?
    Molly Stewart/Angel: Tahiti? Why Tahiti?
    Mae: Because the men use their dicks for oars.
  • Ranch Wilder: [hands JP a business card] Hey. I'm Ranch Wilder. The voice of the Angels.
    JP: I know who you are. I heard you on the radio. You sure do have a big chin.
    Ranch Wilder: Everybody's a critic.
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