Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery | Released: 2007-2012

A law school graduate becomes the prot?g?e of a successful high-stakes litigator.

Stars of this Series

Damages Quotes

  • Patty: How old were you?
    Katie: I'm sorry?
    Patty: I had just turned six.
    Katie: When what?
    Patty: When I realized I was a good liar. How old were you?
  • Bearded Man: Well, there's always a solution.
    Arthur: What kind of solution?
    Bearded Man: A permanent one.
    Arthur: What? Oh, God, no. What, you think that I would...?
    Bearded Man: It wouldn't get back to you.
    Arthur: Oh, we're-we're talking about a human life here. Sh-She's an innocent girl. She didn't do anything. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Bearded Man: Sometimes that's enough.
  • Ellen: What happened with Katie? I spoke to her, Ms. Hewes. I don't believe she's lying.
    Patty: Really? Why is that?
    Ellen: Because she has no reason to.
    Patty: Don't be stupid, Ellen. Everyone's hiding something.
  • Patty: I manipulated you, yes.
    Ellen: Well, I don't like being manipulated.
    Patty: Duly noted.
  • Hollis Nye: [to Ellen] There won't be room for him [your boyfriend] and Patty. There won't be room for you and Patty. With Patty Hewes, there's only Patty.
  • Tom: When it comes to reading people, Patty lives and dies by instinct. The woman has the sharpest bullshit meter I've ever seen. And you're at the most difficult step. It's do or die. If you're phony with her for one second, she'll skewer you.
    Ellen: Good. Phony's not my strong suit.
  • Ellen: [at Ellen's sister's wedding reception] Ms. Hewes. What are you doing here?
    Patty: I had to meet you.
    Ellen: Why?
    Patty: Because, kiddo, you're the first person stupid enough to turn me down.
  • Patty: Kids are like clients. They want all of you, all the time.
  • Martin: If you were a man, I'd kick the living dogshit out of you.
    Patty: If you were a man I'd be worried.
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