Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller | Released: 2014-

Various chronicles of deception, intrigue and murder in and around frozen Minnesota. Yet all of these tales mysteriously lead back one way or another to Fargo, North Dakota.

Stars of this Series

Fargo Quotes

  • [ repeated line ]
    Jerry Lundegaard : The heck do ya mean?
  • Jerry Lundegaard : [ answering the phone ] Jerry Lundegaard.
    Carl Showalter : [ voice over the phone ] Alright, Jerry, you got the phone to yourself? Are you alone?
    Jerry Lundegaard : [ into the phone ] Well, yeah.
    Carl Showalter : [ voice ] You know who this is?
    Jerry Lundegaard : Well, yeah, I got an idea. How's that Ciera working out for ya?
    Carl Showalter : [ voice ] Circumstances have changed, Jerry.
    Jerry Lundegaard : Well, what do ya mean?
    Carl Showalter : [ voice ] Things have changed, circumstances, Jerry... force majeure, acts of God.
    Jerry Lundegaard : How's Jean?
    Carl Showalter : [ puzzled ] Who's Jean?
    Jerry Lundegaard : My wife! What the-?
    Carl Showalter : Oh... right. She's alright, but there's a few people in Brainerd who aren't so okay, I'll tell you that.
    Jerry Lundegaard : What the heck are ya talking about? Let's just finish this deal up here.
    Carl Showalter : Blood has been shed, Jerry.
    Jerry Lundegaard : What the heck do ya mean?
    Carl Showalter : Three people, in Brainerd... are dead.
    Jerry Lundegaard : Oh, jeez!
    Carl Showalter : That's right, we need more money.
    Jerry Lundegaard : What the heck are ya talking about? What do you fellas have yourself mixed up in?
    Carl Showalter : Never mind. We need more money...
    Jerry Lundegaard : [ interrupting ] This was supposed to be a no rough stuff type deal!
    Jerry Lundegaard : Well, I'm sorry, but I just... I don't...
    Carl Showalter : I'm
  • Jerry Lundegaard : I told ya. We haven't had any vehicles go missing.
    Marge Gunderson : Okay! But are ya sure? 'Cause I mean, how do you know? Do you do a count, or what kind of a routine do you have here?
    Jerry Lundegaard : [ growing uncomfortable with this questioning ] Ma'am, I answered your question!
    Marge Gunderson : [ long pause ] I'm sorry, sir?
    Jerry Lundegaard : Ma'am, I answered your question. I answered the darned... I'm cooperatin' here!
    Marge Gunderson : Sir, you have no call to get snippy with me, I'm just doing my job here.
    Jerry Lundegaard : I'm... I'm not arguing here! I'm cooperating. So there's no need to... we're doin' all we can here.
    Marge Gunderson : Sir, could I talk to Mr. Gustafson? [ Jerry gives her a glassy-eyed look, knowing full well that Gustafson is dead ]
    Marge Gunderson : Mr. Lundegaard?
  • Mr. Mohra : So, I'm tendin' bar there at Ecklund and Swedlin's last Tuesday, and this little guy's drinkin' and he says, "So where can a guy find some action? I'm goin' crazy out there at the lake." And I says, "What kinda action?" and he says, "Woman action, what do I look like?" And I says, "Well, what do I look like, I don't arrange that kinda thing," and he says, "But I'm goin' crazy out there at the lake," and I says, "Well, this ain't that kinda place."
    Officer Olson : Uh-huh.
    Mr. Mohra : So he angrily says, "Oh I get it, so you think I'm some kinda crazy jerk for askin'," only he doesn't use the word "jerk."
    Officer Olson : I understand.
    Mr. Mohra : And then he calls me a jerk, and says that the last guy who thought he was a jerk is dead now. So I don't say nothin' and he says, "What do ya think about that?" So I says, "Well, that don't sound like too good a deal for him, then."
    Officer Olson : [ chuckles ] Ya got that right.
    Mr. Mohra : And he says, "Yah, that guy's dead, and I don't mean of old age." And then he says, "Geez, I'm goin' crazy out there at the lake."
    Officer Olson : White Bear Lake?
    Mr. Mohra : Well... Ecklund & Swedlin's, that's closer ta Moose Lake, so I made that assumption.
    Officer Olson : Oh sure.
    Mr. Mohra : So, ya know, he's drinkin', so I don't think a whole great deal of it, but Mrs. Mohra heard about the homicides down here last week and she thought I should call it in, so... I called it in. End o' story.
    Officer Olson : What'd this guy look like, anyway?
    Mr. Mohra : Oh, he was a little guy... Kinda funny lookin'.
    Officer Olson : Uh-huh. In what way?
    Mr. Mohra : Oh, just in a general kinda way.
  • Carl Showalter: I want to go somewhere where I can get a shot and a steak, maybe, not more ****in' pancakes, c'mon. Come on, man! Alright- here's an idea. I know this place outside of Brainerd where we can get laid, what do you think?
    Gaer Grimsrud: I'm ****ing hungry now, you know.
  • Gaer Grimsrud: You're a smooth smooth, you know.
  • Jean Lundegaard: [chopping vegetables] Hiya, hon! Welcome back! How was Fargo?
    Jerry Lundegaard: Yah, real good now.
    Jean Lundegaard: Dad's here. [Jerry's mood changes as he hears this news]
    Jerry Lundegaard: Is he stayin' for supper then?
    Jean Lundegaard: I dunno... I think so. Dad?
    Wade Gustafson: What?
    Jean Lundegaard: [thick Minnesota accent] You stayin' for supperrrrr?
    Wade Gustafson: Yah!
  • Marge Gunderson: You have no call to get snippy with me; I'm just trying to do my job here.
  • Willow Creek Sheriff: What's in the strong box?
    Button Smith: Gold I reckon - it's that heavy. Wells Fargo doesn't tell us what we're guardin'; they just say "Guard it!"
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