Genre: Drama, Mystery | Released: 2004-2012

An antisocial maverick doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come his way using his crack team of doctors and his wits.

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House Quotes

  • Assistant: You can't go in there.
    Dr. House: Who are you? And why are you wearing a tie?
    Assistant: I'm Dr. Cuddy's new assistant. Can I tell her what it's regarding?
    Dr. House: Yes! I would like to know why she gets a secretary and I don't.
    Assistant: I'm her assistant, not her secretary. I graduated from Rutgers.
    Dr. House: Hmm... I didn't know they had a secretarial school. Well, I hope you took some classes in sexual harassment law. Does the word "ka-ching" mean anything to you? I'm going in now.
  • Dr. House: You know how people say you can't live without love? Well, oxygen's even more important.
  • Henry Arrington (patient): If you're not prepared to look stupid, nothing great is ever gonna happen.
  • "Faith - that's another word for ignorance, isn't it?"
  • [last lines]
    Lawrence Talbot: Get out! It's the Frankenstein monster!
    Mob Bursting Into Lab: [multiple ad libs] Get out... The Frankenstein monster... [unintelligible noises and shouts, as they turn and run]
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  • Dr. Cuddy: Your reputation won't last if you don't do your job; the clinic is part of your job. I want you to do your job.
    Dr. House: Ah, yes, but as the philosopher Jagger once said, 'You can't always get what you want.'
  • Dr. Foreman: Isn't treating patients why we became doctors?
    Dr. House: No, treating illnesses is why we became doctors. Treating patients is what makes most doctors miserable.
  • Cuddy: Two plain old sick babies would bore you.
    House: See, this is why I don't waste money on shrinks, because you give me all these really great insights for free.
    Cuddy: Shrink! If you would consider going to a shrink, I would pay for it myself. The hospital would hold a bake sale, for God's sake.
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