Mr. Show with Bob and David

Mr. Show with Bob and David

Genre: Comedy | Released: 1995-1998

This is a sketch-comedy show. The twist here is that all of the sketches (even the monologue) are connected in some strange way.

Stars of this Series

Mr. Show with Bob and David Quotes

  • Moe Phelps and his crew: We are a collection of jackasses.
  • [singing]
    Bob and David: I don't care what you say/ We're going on a holiday.
  • Bob: When you came here, your heads were filled with soup. When you leave here, your mind will be like... a steel trap. A steel trap with the bloody foot of law caught in it, crying for its mommy.
  • Bob: Every time a cast member swears, they have to put a nickel in the swearing jar.
    David: [drops a nickel into an already full jar] The money goes to Swears For Cares, an non-profit organization committed to raising money through swearing.
    Bob: So hopefully, we'll make a little difference.
    David: [holds up a nickel] A little *****ing* difference.
  • David: I'll tell you where they are. They're out there laughing. Laughing at you. They're laughing at the big, fat asshole.
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