Genre: Action, Drama, History | Released: 2005-2007

A down-to-earth account of the lives of both illustrious and ordinary Romans set in the last days of the Roman Republic.

Stars of this Series

Rome Quotes

  • Caesar: You are a thief. A foolish, incompetent thief. But we will treat your foolishness as some species of loyalty.
  • Caesar: I do not like to argue with fortune, and clearly she's taken you for a pet.
  • Caesar: [after having an epileptic seizure] Swear by Orcus never to speak of this.
  • Caesar: They say a slave talks of bravery like a fish talks of flying.
    Posca: They say that, do they? How very witty of them.
  • Lucius Vorenus: It makes no sense. We should have been stopped by now. Why is Rome not defended?
    Titus Pullo: Our boys scared 'em off, eh?
    Lucius Vorenus: Soldiers of the Republic do not run, so it must be a stratagem, a trick.
    Titus Pullo: It's a good trick.
    Lucius Vorenus: Unless the gods have abandoned Rome... If Mars were watching, he would not allow such a disgrace.
    Titus Pullo: Maybe he was havin' a crap and missed it.
  • Mark Antony: Poor sad wretch gives everything you ask for. The Senate will ratify your status. You get your triumph, stand for consul, and Pompey will retire to Spain. He'd suck Posca's cock if you asked him to.
    Gaius Julius Caesar: Too generous by far. I never thought Pompey would accept such terms.
    Mark Antony: You think it's a strategem?
    Gaius Julius Caesar: I doubt it. He and what few forces he has are trapped and grow weaker by the day. We might crush him at will. But now that he has offered truce, I would look like the worst sort of tyrant if I attack him. Posca here thinks I should accept. Make peace.
    Mark Antony: In exchange for what?
    Posca: Peace is its own reward.
    Mark Antony: Snivelry! The ram has touched the wall! No mercy!
    Posca: Pompey has no great army, but he has the Senate with him. He has legitimacy.
    Mark Antony: In Rome they are the Senate. Beyond these walls they're just three hundred old men.
    Gaius Julius Caesar: As you say Anthony. But others will agree with Posca. They have made this shameful surrender public. It will be read throughout Italy. If I am not a tyrant. If I merely seek legitimacy then why would I not accept such favorable terms?
    Posca: [Perusing Pompey's surrender] He refuses to meet us in person?
    Gaius Julius Caesar: [thinking] Very good. Simple. Hoi polloi can understand a reason like that. He refuses to meet me face to face, man to man. [in mock anger]
    Gaius Julius Caesar: He refuses to meet me!
    Mark Antony: [laughing] Right. That's it. No truce. Let's be after him. [begins to leave]
    Gaius Julius Caesar
  • Niobe: [with admiration while helping Lucius put on his magistrate's toga] Look at you.
    Titus Pullo: You look like laundry.
  • [to his men before a battle]
    Roman General: There is no shame in fear. There is only shame in letting fear rule you. Try not to look scared, and you'll find bravery in your hearts!
  • [Ann explains the problem of being formerly married]
    Ann: We can't claim to be the town virgins and can't afford to be the town tramps.
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