Candice Rialson

Candice Rialson


Lovely, radiant, enticing, and charismatic blonde Candice Rialson was perhaps the most dynamic and personable actress to appear in enjoyably trashy drive-in pictures throughout the 1970's. After making her film debut in an uncredited bit as a bikini-clad beauty on the beach in The Gay Deceivers (1969), the pert 'n' perky Candice enlivened a bunch of choice down 'n' dirty exploitation features: She was a naive, innocent hitchhiker who runs afoul of kinky perverts in the bizarre Submission (1973), one of Gloria Grahame's slutty daughters in the sleazy Mama's Dirty Girls (1974), a hapless lass with a talking and singing vagina (!) in the outrageously bawdy Chatterbox! (1977), a small-town tramp in the immensely entertaining Moonshine County Express (1977), and a stuck-up starlet in the nifty Stunts (1977). Following her winningly easy 'n' breezy turns in the amiably silly soft-core comedies Candy Stripe Nurses (1974) and Summer School Teachers (1974) for legendary B-movie filmmaker Roger Corman, Candice expertly essayed her best, most substantial, and appealing role as "Candy Wednesday", a bubbly aspiring actress who winds up working for the chintzy schlock movie studio "Miracle Pictures" ("If it's a good film, then it's a Miracle") in the very clever and hilarious junk film parody Hollywood Boulevard (1976). Moreover, Rialson also had bit parts in the mainstream features The Eiger Sanction (1975), Logan's Run (1976) and Silent Movie (1976) and made guest appearances on the TV shows Maude (1972), Shaft (1973), Switch (1975), Adam's Rib (1973), and Fantasy Island (1977).
  • When was
    Candice Rialson born?

    Candice Rialson was born on Tuesday, December 18, 1951

  • Where was
    Candice Rialson born?

    Candice Rialson was born in Santa Monica, California, USA

  • How old was
    Candice Rialson when they died?

    Candice Rialson was 54

  • When did Candice Rialson die?

    Candice Rialson died on
    Friday, March 31, 2006

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