Carol Forman

Carol Forman


Raven-haired Carol Forman's main claim to fame is the fact that she was one of the first villainesses in serials. There were a few during the silent era, but they were mainly of the regal, imperious type; Carol Forman was not afraid to use her considerable attractiveness to bamboozle the poor saps who tried to stop her nefarious plans for world domination, to steal atomic secrets, or whatever she had up her sleeve.
  • When was
    Carol Forman born?

    Carol Forman was born on Wednesday, June 19, 1918

  • Where was
    Carol Forman born?

    Carol Forman was born in Epps, Alabama, USA

  • How old was
    Carol Forman when they died?

    Carol Forman was 79

  • When did Carol Forman die?

    Carol Forman died on
    Wednesday, July 9, 1997

  • How tall is Carol Forman?

    Carol Forman is 5'6"(1.68m)

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