Chris Kratt

Chris Kratt


Wildlife enthusiast and the creator, writer and producer of Zoboomafoo, Kratts' Creatures, and other popular educational shows. He earned a B.A. in biology from Carelton College, Minnesota, in 1992. He received funding for his ecology studies from the Explorers Club and the National Science Foundation. He and his brother Martin started a new series, Wild Kratts, in 2011. He married Tania Kratt and together they had two sons. He and his brother hosted a TV series, Creature Adventures, tha
  • When was
    Chris Kratt born?

    Chris Kratt was born on Saturday, July 19, 1969

  • Where was
    Chris Kratt born?

    Chris Kratt was born in Warren, NJ

  • How old is
    Chris Kratt?

    Chris Kratt is 51

  • How much is Chris Kratt worth?

    Chris Kratt is worth $1 Million

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