Nev Schulman

Nev Schulman


Subject of the 2010 documentary Catfish and the host of the documentary-inspired MTV reality show Catfish: The TV Show.  He began his career as a ballet photographer.  He co-founded Leave Out Violence in 2004, a youth organization.  His brother Ariel Schulman was the director of Catfish. He married Laura Perlongo in 2017. He and Laura had their first child, a daughter named Cleo, on October 21, 2016.  He was a producer of Catfish: The TV Show along with documentary filmmaker Andrew Jarec
  • When was
    Nev Schulman born?

    Nev Schulman was born on Wednesday, September 26, 1984

  • Where was
    Nev Schulman born?

    Nev Schulman was born in New York City, NY

  • How old is
    Nev Schulman?

    Nev Schulman is 38

  • How much is Nev Schulman worth?

    Nev Schulman is worth $500 Thousand

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