Chun Du

Chun Du


Du Chun was born in Hebei, China. Her parents are Du Zhiguo, also an actor, and Yang Li, a dancer and dancing instructor. He started dance training by his mother. At the age of 11, Du got admitted to The Dance School of Central University of Nationalities (CUN), one of the key disciplinary bases of national minority arts and the cradle of ethnic dancers, to fulfill his mother's dream to be trained professionally in one of the top dancing schools in China. He found passion on performing arts during his six years of dancing training. Du got admitted into Beijing Film Academy in 1999 with one of the highest admission test scores even though he did not take the regular middle and high school courses. He was among the best students academically in college. Before his graduation in 2003, with his father's help, he landed an important role in director Hu Mei's big TV historical costume drama production Han Wu Dadi. He did great job on portraying an ambitious and playful young leader which established his acting career. Since then, Du has played as leading roles for more than a dozen of TV drama series. He is such a chameleon that you remember the characters he creates instead of his persona or even his name. His name became well recognized in 2009 as "Red Idol" after he portrayed a spy hero Jiang Bo in "Enemy Camp for 18 years" and a self-made businessman Tian Qin in "Emigrate to the West", which won him a nomination as best actor on Monte Carlo TV Festival 2009. His recent role as a graduate from oversea in a TV comedy "Rent a girl friend for New Year" won him a huge number of young fans. He just finished shooting TV version of "Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior". Most of the roles he played are ideal Chinese man with traditional values. His electric screen energy and compassionate personality won so many people's hearts from all age groups in China. Du is coined by the media as one of the leading young actors in China and has a name as an actor with a thousand faces.
  • When was
    Chun Du born?

    Chun Du was born on Friday, May 22, 1981

  • Where was
    Chun Du born?

    Chun Du was born in Baodg, Hebei, Cha

  • How old is
    Chun Du?

    Chun Du is 40

  • How tall is Chun Du?

    Chun Du is 5'10"(1.78m)

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