David Bauer

David Bauer


Born in Chicago in 1917, David Bauer found more success as an actor in Europe than he did in his home country. He was one of those caught up in the anti-Communist hysteria that swept the US, and especially Hollywood, in the 1950s. Bauer left the US and settled in Great Britain. He found a niche in British television, playing a variety of crooked American businessmen, attorneys, etc. He appeared in such series as The Saint (1962), Element of Doubt (1961) and had a memorable turn in the "Living in Harmony" episode of the fondly remembered Patrick McGoohan series The Prisoner (1967). He appeared in Madigan: The London Beat (1972)), an episode of the American cop series shot in England, playing an American mob boss.
  • When was
    David Bauer born?

    David Bauer was born on Tuesday, March 6, 1917

  • Where was
    David Bauer born?

    David Bauer was born in Chicago, Illois, USA

  • How old was
    David Bauer when they died?

    David Bauer was 56

  • When did David Bauer die?

    David Bauer died on
    Tuesday, February 13, 1973

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