Kimberly Noel

Kimberly Noel


Kimberly Noèl was born in Nyack , Rockland Country, New York is a Beauty Youtube TV Personality Influencer Celebrity Publicist And Manager And Event Coordinator. Though being born with learning disabilities, this young spicy Hispanic beauty shows her resilience and determination to stand out. As a child Kim suffered a great deal of pain both physically and mentally; from being bullied and beaten by her peers to her Step Father in which he thought beating Kimberly would change her to being what he called "normal". With Kimberly's father being absent from her life due to suffering with bipolar and schizophrenia, her mother chose work and the Step father over Kim, leaving her most often times alone with little guidance and love. Kimberly was born as Jonathan Castillo and is Transgender.
  • When was
    Kimberly Noel born?

    Kimberly Noel was born on Wednesday, March 24, 1993

  • Where was
    Kimberly Noel born?

    Kimberly Noel was born in Nyack, New York, USA

  • How old is
    Kimberly Noel?

    Kimberly Noel is 29

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