Liam Sullivan

Liam Sullivan


Liam Sullivan was schooled at Illinois College while having his first fling with the acting profession in regional theater. He then studied drama at Harvard, made his way to New York and first appeared on Broadway in "The Constant Nymph" in 1951. He later returned to the West Coast to perform in an LA stage production of "Mary Stuart". By the early 1950's, he began appearing in television, his Romanesque features and precisely modulated voice ideally suited to smoothly roguish, arrogant or cynical gents, adept at caustic or witty repartee. He was a familiar presence across all genres, from western to science fiction.
  • When was
    Liam Sullivan born?

    Liam Sullivan was born on Friday, May 18, 1923

  • Where was
    Liam Sullivan born?

    Liam Sullivan was born in Jacksonville, Illois, USA

  • How old was
    Liam Sullivan when they died?

    Liam Sullivan was 75

  • When did Liam Sullivan die?

    Liam Sullivan died on
    Sunday, April 19, 1998

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