Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh


NFL defensive tackle who was drafted 2nd overall by the Detroit Lions in 2010 and quickly made his presence felt with his dominant, physical play. In 2015, he signed a six-year, $114 million deal with the Miami Dolphins, the highest contract ever for a defensive player.
  • When was
    Ndamukong Suh born?

    Ndamukong Suh was born on Tuesday, January 6, 1987

  • Where was
    Ndamukong Suh born?

    Ndamukong Suh was born in Portland, OR

  • How old is
    Ndamukong Suh?

    Ndamukong Suh is 32

  • How much is Ndamukong Suh worth?

    Ndamukong Suh is worth $50 Million

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Monday, August 26, 2019

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