Richard Gere

Richard Gere


Leading man who starred in Pretty Woman and Chicago. His other major films include Runaway Bride, Primal Fear, First Knight, and The Jackal. He earned a scholarship to the University of Massachusetts for gymnastics. He earned a supporting role in Looking for Mr. Goodbar in the 1970s. He became a sex symbol as a result of his role in American Gigolo in the 1980s. He married model Cindy Crawford in 1991, but the couple separated in 1995. He then married Carey Lowell in 2002. He and Carey sep
  • When was
    Richard Gere born?

    Richard Gere was born on Wednesday, August 31, 1949

  • Where was
    Richard Gere born?

    Richard Gere was born in Philadelphia, PA

  • How old is
    Richard Gere?

    Richard Gere is 71

  • How much is Richard Gere worth?

    Richard Gere is worth $120 Million

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