Tim Burton

Tim Burton


Director, producer, animator, and artist known for his highly stylized gothic-fantasy films. His best-known features include Batman, Batman Returns, Ed Wood, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.  He would make silent stop motion films in his backyard on 8mm film as a kid. He made the short animated film The Island of Doctor Agor when he was 13.  He wrote and illustrated a poetry book entitled The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories in 199
  • When was
    Tim Burton born?

    Tim Burton was born on Monday, August 25, 1958

  • Where was
    Tim Burton born?

    Tim Burton was born in Burbank, CA

  • How old is
    Tim Burton?

    Tim Burton is 64

  • How much is Tim Burton worth?

    Tim Burton is worth $140 Million

Best Quotes

  • When we were growing up and saw a Ray Harryhausen movie, we were interested in how it was done. But thank God we got to go through the magic of seeing it before we knew how it was done. You were able to get this beautiful, pure, visceral response to something without knowing too much about it.
  • I was very strange back then. I could see I had problems. I would sit in a closet a lot of the time and not come out, or I would sit up on top of my desk, or under my desk, or do weird things like get my wisdom teeth out and bleed all over the hallways.
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