Tina Yothers

Tina Yothers


Green-eyed Tina Yothers began doing commercials when she was just three years old. The daughter of TV film producer Robert Yothers, she was born on May 5, 1973 in Whittier, California. Her three brothers (Jeff, Randy Poindexter Yothers and Cory 'Bumper' Yothers) had all acted in commercials. She also has a foster sister whose name is also Tina. After doing spots for McDonald's, Bell Telephone and Doritos, Tina auditioned for a role in the movie Shoot the Moon (1982) and won the part. After the movie, she won the part of "Jennifer Keaton" on the series, Family Ties (1982). She wrote the book, "Being Your Best: Tina Yothers's Guide for Girls" and appeared in the TV movie, Crash Course (1988). Her hobbies are swimming and playing hockey.
  • Where was
    Tina Yothers born?

    Tina Yothers was born in Whittier, California, USA

  • How much is Tina Yothers worth?

    Tina Yothers is worth $2 Million

Best Quotes

  • My parents were involved in everything I did. They were showbiz people themselves. My dad was an actor. They were parents; they did what parents are supposed to do.
  • A lot of people recognize me or feel that they know me. A lot of times when I speak, they recognize my voice. It's fun, it's exciting. It's always good feedback.
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