Vivian Vance

Vivian Vance


Actress who became immortalized as Ethel Mertz, Lucy's neighbor, in the popular sitcom I Love Lucy. Her real name is Vivian Roberto Jones. She changed her surname to Vance after folklorist Vance Rudolph. She was the godmother of Lovin' Spoonful guitarist John Sebastian. She was married four times, but did not have any children. She married her fourth husband, John Dodds, in 1961 and they remained married until her death in 1979. She was in the series I love Lucy with Lucille Ball.
  • When was
    Vivian Vance born?

    Vivian Vance was born on Monday, July 26, 1909

  • Where was
    Vivian Vance born?

    Vivian Vance was born in Cherryvale, KS

  • How old is
    Vivian Vance?

    Vivian Vance is 114

  • How much is Vivian Vance worth?

    Vivian Vance is worth $10 Million

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